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Send a personal touch with Einvite—every guest receives a tailored invitation with their own name in the URL and a customized welcome.

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Subscribe to Outstanding plan.

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Your personal dedicated support will reach out to you with domains suggestions.

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Take the word of our Customers

EInvite made our wedding invite unique and personal with a custom domain for our special day!

Maulik & Partner

MKEVENT - Recent Groom

The guest name feature in our invitation made each invite feel so personal and special.

Vishal & Komal

VKwedding - Happy Couple

Digital invites have never been easier or more beautiful, thanks to EInvite!

Sagar & Partner

Delighted Groom

The flexibility and customization options with EInvite helped make our day perfect!

Arfath & Zaneera

Arfathwedszaneera - Joyful Newlyweds

A digital invitation that captures the entire journey beautifully. EInvite made it possible!

Ajay & Yashavi

AjayYashavi Wedding - Grateful Couple

Loved how EInvite's guest name feature added a personal touch to our engagement invites!

Aliakbar & Partner

Merebhaikisagai - Happy Fiancé

Our wedding was beautifully announced with EInvite's elegant digital cards. Highly recommend!

Shubham & Partner

Rashikashubham - Satisfied Groom

EInvite's Custom Domain invitation option made our reception even more special. Fantastic service!

Kanishka & Partner

Kanishkdiweeding - Joyous Bride

EInvite, our marriage invitation was innovative and user-friendly. A game-changer!

Nikunj & Amrit

NikunjwedsAmrit - Delighted Newlyweds

Thrilled with Einvite! The fun features made our invite truly special.


Recent Bride

Einvite's simple process and lovely design made planning our wedding invites
a breeze



The custom designs added a personal touch that our guests loved. Highly recommend!



... and many more joyful couples have adored our services!

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